The Sydney Diamond Hunt was founded in 2015 by Dracakis Jewellers.

The event sees a $10,000 Diamond Engagement Ring hidden in Sydney with a series of online clues leading to its location. Entrants must solve the clues to reveal the location of the ring.  After the huge success of last years’ event, Dracakis Jewellers are running a huge Easter themed hunt for a $10,000 Diamond ring hidden somewhere in Sydney all over again. Last year a whopping 10,000 people registered in hopes of finding the ring.

The event is based online where clues will be released daily.

Entrants must register at the Diamond Hunt website in order to gain access to the clues. These clues will hint at a secret location somewhere in Sydney where the ring is hidden. All the hopefuls have to do is decipher the clues and find it. Armed with clues, contestants will take to the streets of Sydney in the hope of making the extraordinary find.

This year contestants are racing to be the first of 10 hopefuls to find 1 of 10 golden tickets in the secret location. These top 10 participants will then compete against each other to be the first to find one $10,000 Diamond Engagement Ring. During the hunt, Dracakis will be heavily using social media to interact with the public and offer additional hints if people are struggling.

It’s simple, one $10,000 diamond hidden in Sydney, one winner! Who will find it!